Sunday, 29 April 2012

Banana Pie

Banana 1
Cream 10g
From the puff pastry 4

Caster sugar 1 tablespoon
Lemon juice, 5 cc

1) Banana cut Ding, add butter and seasonings, microwave oven, press the <vapor Microwave> key once, the time setting 3 minutes, press the <start>, after the end of cooking remove the spare.

2) Crisp roast cooked in a pan brush on the surface layer of the oil reserve.

3) Take the practice of the pastry bag into the diagonal 1 banana small, the layout discharged into the practice of two crisp roast cooked in a pan.

4) Press the <bake / grill key twice, the temperature setting 250 ° C after warm-up is completed, the practice of three in a microwave oven in 15 minutes time setting, press <Start> bake 15 minutes until surface is golden brown.