Monday, 19 September 2011

Orange Croissants


The kind of dough:
203 grams of high-gluten flour
3 grams of instant yeast
104 cc water

Main dough:
207 grams flour
100g caster sugar
6 grams of salt
25 grams of whole egg
Milk 78 cc
66 grams butter

Amount of orange sauce

Three flowers a little milk
A little orange Pisi

1)  A first material in all kinds of dough into the mixing tank, mixed with a hook-like beat mixing device, mixing the dough to the expansion phase, adding a little vegetable oil, then you can remove the slow mix twice.
2)  Rounded dough, will be the interface down, then put a big steel pot, and basic fermentation about 90 minutes.
3)  Will be the main dough, in addition to all the materials outside the cream into the mixing tank, and the kinds of dough in step 2, torn into small lumps, add the main mixing tank and mixing the dough, and then hook-shaped mixing device into the mix to play group.
4)  Into the group after adding the butter and stir until completion (stretched film can be pulled like, and the rupture was complete hole), then add a little vegetable oil, mixed with slow can be removed under two.
5)  Will be divided into dough after each 60 grams rounded, finished surface covered with a plastic bag to prevent the crust, then put it aside for 10 minutes to relax.
6)  Face stick with the dough to the sides of the head part of the open bar, and then straighten the left hand side of the moderate end of the dough, and it is uniform thin rod, and finally showing a drop of shapes.
7)  In the teardrop-shaped dough cut a wide bottom of a small central gap, the amount of marmalade spread on the dough, then roll up the dough from the bottom to make into a horn-shaped cutting edge, roll to the end, the tip on the rolled dough underneath.
8)  After the plastic horn interval into a baking dish, then the final fermentation about 45 minutes, until the dough to 1 times the thickness of a large expansion.
9)  In the epidermis layer of three flowers on the brush milk, then sprinkle with orange peel into the oven after, lit the oven temperature to 200 ℃, under fire, 180 ℃, about 20 minutes baking.

Quantity: 12